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  1. Dearest Florkens,

    Or The Florken Duo, or perhaps Florki, The Fantastic Florkenators, The Collective Florkenation... Ok I'm stopping. My point is to say, you two, are the bees knees.

    Firstly, the name of the blog is attention-grabbing to be sure. It's just fun to say. But then you begin reading, and you begin to smile, and then chuckle, and then yell "me too!" and are suddenly awash in feelings of relating and adoration.

    And then you follow on Bloglovin' and various other outlets. And become just that much more ensconced in Florkenville, letting your lease expire, then buying a home and painting the walls and planting some begonias out in the flower box.

    And then they start popping up in your Bloglovin' feed with all sorts of wedding tips and stories, which is so timely because you are a few months out from your own wedding, and you feel compelled to write to them and thank them.

    And then you realize that they love dachshunds, and, well, the love of long dogs is grounds for immediate and everlasting kinship, and at that moment you're fairly certain you're going to grow old in this here house in Florkenville.

    The End.


    Dayna (also known in blogland as Princess Burlap)


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