November 09, 2016

Thank you Hillary.

Today, I mourn. I mourn for myself, for my beautiful daughter, for my country, and for the amazing woman, my role model, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
I fear the path my country chose is dangerous. Not just wrong. Dangerous. It is true that I disagreed with McCain and Romney, but I never once doubted both had the mental fortitude and moral compass required to govern a nation comprised of many. I do not believe that Donald Trump has either of those things. More importantly, I have seen how the words and actions of this man have brought despicable people into the light. People who would like to see my LGBTQ friends stripped of their rights. People who would like to see my African American friends stopped and frisked on the streets. People who would someday like to rank my daughter – a child so full of joy, mischief, and possibility – on a scale of 1 to 10 for her physical beauty alone.

Now hear me – I do not believe that ALL Trump supporters want to see those things. If I believed for a second that roughly 59 million people desired those things, I’d be on the first flight out of here. Still – those people exist and now – thanks in part to Trump’s disdain for mutual respect and his penchant for bullying, those people think that THEY are the majority. They think that THEY will govern from here on out. So for that, I mourn today.

But tomorrow I get to work. I don’t want to. I want to curl up and cry. My heart is so broken that I want to give up. But I have a daughter that deserves a whole hell of a lot more from me… and from you too.

I wanted Hillary to personally break that glass ceiling. Desperately. I cannot think of any woman I would have rather done it. I admire her greatly for more reasons than I can list here. But today, as she gave a thoughtful and eloquent concession speech, I realized that her legacy is much bigger than a presidency or lack thereof. Hillary Clinton will be the match that lights a new movement on fire.
I was passionate about Obama. I was passionate about Hillary. But starting tomorrow, I am passionate period. Not about a singular candidate, race, or cause – but about them all.  Not every four years or when I watch Last Week Tonight. I can no longer just wake up, go to work, come home, focus on my own tiny family, and hope the rest of the world sorts this all out in four years. My daughter deserves better and Hillary’s legacy demands better. I will help sort this out.

Tomorrow, I get involved. I start volunteering my time. I start participating in my local government. I sign up for monthly donations – even if I can only manage a few dollars here or there – to places that will be under attack such as Planned Parenthood and to places that will lead the good fight like the ACLU. 

I want to see a woman President in my lifetime. No, I demand it. 

It will not be Hillary and that hurts deeply. But it will be because of her. And maybe, in some small part, it will be because of me now too. 

Thank you Hillary. You have fought harder, longer, and with more dignity and courage than anyone. I have been honored to be with you. Now, I hope I can honor you by following the amazing example you have set. 

Tomorrow I will dry my tears and steady my fears. Her legacy will not end here. It is just getting started.


  1. I'm everything Donald Trump has no respect for, and although I got here in the US as a legal immigrant, I still belong in that classification—an immigrant. I don't wish to bring misfortune to this country (like many others think of minorities), but it seems that misfortune has already been brought upon ourselves.

  2. This was beautifully written. I was not a huge supporter of Hillary but I was an active non-supporter of Trump, and I voted for Hillary in part because of my distrust of Trump. I was rooting for her and I was rooting for America and I'm so devastated to see that so many Americans thought his ability to "say it like it is" was more important than the actual words he was saying.

  3. If I had any more tears left to cry, this would have done it for me. I'm still grieving, but I am going to get to where to are soon. Our babies deserve to see that love, passion, and devotion to securing equality for everyone modeled in their Mamas- and they will. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Loved this post and I need to be more active in the things I am passionate about. I'd love for you to continue to update us on your quest to be more involved.

  5. Just a FYI I have a friend who is on the board of the Stonewall Democrats (they are the LGBT caucus of the democratic party) in Little Rock if you need a foot in the door (if that is a route you want to take). I had a black kindergarten student say they were going to have to move because Trump was making them go to Africa. We also had a riot at our school and the police had to be brought in. Just sad.

  6. Kate: Thank you for this. Hillary has been a role model for me for so many years. I was so hopeful that she would reach this goal - for every woman that has spent endless hours preparing for an important meeting only to be met with that man that rolled out of bed, showed up, and simply repeated everything she said; for every woman that has been told to "smile"; for every woman that has fought "people just don't like you". All of that combined with the other side's hate - hate for so many things I hold dear to my heart. This election has left me heart broken. But, from that heart break I will find a way to continue the work that needs to be done.

  7. I am tearing up all over again reading this. This election has brought me so much pain and I am so fearful for all of the people Trump has expressed racism or sexism towards. Like you I want to curl up and cry but I know my job is to fight for a better future and support the people Trump's campaign has ostracized.


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