November 11, 2016

Adam's Corner: Don't Worry Van Jones, We Got You

I have found myself in a perpetual state of depression, anger and disbelief. I find myself with plenty of company however, as many in my country and a significant proportion of the world are likewise stunned by this election cycle. Somehow this nation defied rationale and civility and elected a populist, xenophobe who brags openly about sexual assault and avoiding paying taxes to the very government he will begin running in January.

Those who voted for him say he must be a smart and savvy businessman because he's a billionaire. It is easy to appear smart when you inherit millions from your father and used those funds to pay people more adept than yourself to handle complicated decisions. Of course, we don't actually know how much wealth Trump has because unlike any presidential candidate in modern history, he wouldn't release his tax returns. Therefore, the only business acumen we can assess is the he is a liar and a cheat (he said he knew nothing of Putin). He stiffed many of those who worked for him after they rendered services to his company and he designed a "university" to swindle money from average citizens...

...He is NOT  a businessman. He will NOT bring your job back. He IS a predator and will conscript your beliefs and insecurities to better himself and those like him (Hint: other rich corporate types)...

...There are many things that have been alleged that should have discredited this man's character and decision making. This diatribe however is not about the man, but rather the constituents that elected him. He is merely a symptom of the underlying disease that is overwhelming this nation. The disease is cowardice.
Those of you who chose to cast a vote in favor of the President-Elect are, in my opinion, cowards. You may argue that you voted for this man due to his policies or because you wanted Washington to be shaken up by an outsider. But your candidate denounced entire races of people. He denounced an entire religious population. He made jokes about the handicapped. He was unapologetically misogynistic. He encouraged physical violence against people with whom he disagreed. 
And when you cast your ballot for him,  you also tacitly accepted and endorsed those views and that speech.  If you tacitly accepted and endorsed that speech, then I can only draw the conclusion that you, like Trump, are fearful of a world where everyone does not look like you, behave like you, or prays like you.
These are just a few examples of the type of speech and actions President Trump has incited. Two of these incidents have taken place in my very own state -- a place I love, call home, and am raising my daughter in.
You do not get to absolve yourself from being an enabler of hate-speech and the propagation of xenophobia. You don't get to cherry-pick one or two policy platforms that you agree with and ignore those that make you feel uncomfortable. Those things that make you uncomfortable will come to truly affect (and very likely damage) the lives of your less privileged neighbor.

Your vote is a sign of acceptance of a candidate in total. My vote for Hillary was tacit acceptance of ALL her stances and speech and I'm okay with that but are you okay with ALL the stances and speech of your candidate?

Now is the time to find your courage. I will assume that you're afraid of what you don't understand. Maybe you've sealed yourself in a bubble so impenetrable that you cannot fathom the humanity of those unlike you. But hear this -- American NEEDS your courage because America is a mosaic.

America is black.
America is Latino.
America is Judaism.
America is Islam.
America is Christian.
America is LGBTQ.
America is women.
America is men.
America is NOT intolerant.

We need you to find courage because Trump's hateful message is already spreading and people are scared. I wish to speak now to those of you who have been disrespected and marginalized by the President-Elect's attempt to legitimize public intolerance...


You shouldn't need to be African-American to understand why Black Lives Matter. You don't have to be gay to understand why we need marriage equality. You don't have to be Latino to understand that Mexicans aren't criminals. You shouldn't have to be a woman to understand that sexual assault is wrong. You just have to be open and compassionate towards those outside your personal sphere.

For all those who feel as Van Jones does, don't fret. This election will galvanize us to do more for you and your families. 


  1. I am still in such shock and disbelief. I am outraged and angry and heartbroken. I cannot understand how someone like Trump, who has ostracized so many people could be elected but I am committed to doing everything I can to make my community feel like a welcoming place for diversity.

  2. I'm definitely feeling so sad over all of this. I'm beyond words at this point.


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