October 02, 2014

Adam's Corner: To the 49 other states (and D.C. too)

Jan Morgan, an Arkansas resident, recently declared her shooting range a Muslim free zone. She attempts to bolster her argument utilizing nonsensical statistics and grossly misinterpreted ideology. I'm not sure who her fact-checking source is but if I had to venture a guess I'd say it is the Westboro Baptist Church. As a fellow Arkansan I simply feel the need to apologize on behalf of our unfriendly neighborhood bigot Jan. 
To the rest of the United States,

Please don't judge everyone in The Natural State based on the actions and speech of a single hatemonger. If you could find it within yourselves to do me another favor then I would likewise ask for you to pity Jan Morgan. She deserves our compassion because she is an individual riddled with fear and ignorance. She is currently uneducated of the misdeeds of any other religion but Islam. Her inability to look beyond the radical minority of a single faith will isolate her from a plethora of good, honest people. Unfortunately her disposition will keep her saddled within the same spheres thereby perpetuating this cycle of hatred. We must not mirror her hatred and ignorance but engage with compassion and understanding. 

Please don't judge the rest of my state based on the words of our minority. She has not shared the same privilege to work alongside people of different backgrounds as I have. As science is the universal language, I've had the opportunity to meet people from: Turkey, India, South Korea, China, Ghana, Lebanon, Israel, Greece, Italy, Pakistan, Japan, England, Australia, Jordan, Canada, Spain and Germany. These people are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, Atheist, etc. and they are some of the most decent, earnest, and kind individuals one could hope to encounter. 

Please don't judge Arkansas. We're are not all unkind.


  1. I can't believe there is someone out there like that. At at the same time, I unfortunately can.

  2. A new mosque was built in a town here a few years ago. Since then they have been endlessly sued and there have been tons of protests. I can't imagine for a second that the community would be reacting this way if it was a Baptist church built there.

  3. So its ok to bash all the Baptist? Unfortunately there are all kinds of Bigots....the ones that claim to be and those that bash them...and those that hide behind false words....WOW! Maybe you should re-think this post....signed...A Non-Bigot Baptist!! And I used to love this blog!

  4. To This N That,

    It is very unfortunate that it appears we've lost your viewership. On the other hand since you've hastily decided upon departure, I feel free to reply with less cordiality than I would otherwise. I apologize that you seem to have interpreted my post and the source article, which makes NO MENTION of the term Baptist other than reference the Westboro Baptist Church. This post does not lambast any faith, much less that particular Christian sect.

    What I have deduced is that you skimmed a line or two and then shot over to the comment section without actually reading the post. There is mention of the term Baptist in a comment from one of our followers but I have no control over what people decide to bring to the conversation. It is their privilege to speak on behalf of their conscience and I have no method, or cause to intervene.

    That is however, double-sided as I can't likewise prevent someone such as yourself from commenting on an alternate issues that you artificially inserted into the article when you could have just read what was actually written. What IS written are my thoughts on an individual's spreading of hatred and fear over a religion she is clearly ignorant of. Your defensive posturing of your Baptist ideology, an ideology I have ZERO problems with nor one that was even mentioned here, is misplaced. So, in the future, I'd advise you to exert more caution before invoking theological quarreling so unnecessarily.

    That said, we'd obviously love for you to remain a follower and we will be as accommodating as we can in the future. However, we will not apologize for things we haven't even said that you somehow found offensive.


  5. It's so crazy how ignorant some people can be. I happened to be really good friends with a Muslim at the time of 9/11 and it was crazy all the nasty looks we got. Someone even asked how I could be friends with a terrorist. Especially living so close to NYC so many people around me knew someeone who died that people had no tolerance for the unknown. Sad...

  6. I love this post and I feel the same way!

  7. The comment from This n That was very interesting...I've gone to Baptist churches nearly my entire life and I absolutely do not think that Westboro Baptist Church has anything to do with actual Baptists or Christianity for that matter.
    Your post is the first I've heard of this story. It makes me sad. Of course, the news stories right now are all about some heartbreaking cruelty being perpetuated in the Middle East, maybe that had some influence, but banning Muslims wholesale because of the actions of a few is like writing me off for being a Christian because of the actions of Westboro Baptist Church--unreasonable. Of course I bet after this no Muslim would want to go there anyways--and quite a few non-Muslims as well.
    I grew up in Malaysia, which is officially Muslim--I love my country with all my heart. I also wish that they allowed freedom of religion for all their citizens, but even though I don't agree with everything that goes on there I will love them forever.


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