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May 23, 2016

Life Lately: An Update

If anyone ever tells you that you'll be able to add a baby to your family and still blog regularly, tell them to shut up. Just kidding -- there are a LOT of bloggers who do so successfully but I am just not one of them. Perhaps it is my lack of dedication or maybe it's because after Holland goes to bed the temptation to indulge in a glass (or two) of wine is strong. Come to think of it, it's probably a combo of those two. Either way, I haven't blogged regularly so I feel like this space is entitled to a bit of an update. I think the easiest way to accomplish this is just to dump some information and see how it lands. Here goes:
1. I got a NEW JOB! 
If you follow us on Instagram (and you should) you will know that I started a new job. I no longer have Fridays off (which stinks) but I'm making more money, working MUCH closer to home, and will no longer be required to work late or travel at night. I went from private practice to working in-house. It has been a big adjustment but so far, so good. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I thrive in this new role and that I start making some new work friends. For right now, it just feels "right" so I am hopeful that this was the right move for me. Only time will tell. 

2. Adam got a NEW JOB!
Yup. You read that right! Adam got a new job too. He is back in the lab and is much happier these days. Both of us starting new jobs within a month of each other is a little crazy but amazing. At the beginning of the year, we were both struggling at work. I said many prayers and one night just asked the universe to put us both in new positions by December... Well, the universe responded and we were both in new positions by May. Even better -- neither of us went looking for these jobs. We were both recruited for these jobs so that makes us both feel so special and makes both positions seem very serendipitous. 

3. Holland turned 6 months, then 7
One day I blinked and my daughter was 6 month olds. Then 7. When she was 6 months, we did a beautiful photoshoot to capture the moment and I'm so glad we did. I've shared a few pictures on Instagram (again, why aren't you following us?) and the picture for this post is from that shoot too. I also made sure to take a few (more personal) breastfeeding photos that have quickly become my absolute favorite. I don't really think I can share them online but let me just tell you -- breastfeeding Holland has, hands down, been one of the most rewarding things I've done in my entire life so I am so happy I was able to capture some of those moments on film (er, digital film?). 

4. Master Bedroom Redo
Adam and I finally decided to redo our master bedroom. Trust me -- it was LONG overdue. As a part of the process, we upgraded to a king sized bed with a memory foam mattress. Let me just state for the record -- if heaven doesn't let me sleep in a king size bed I want no part of it! In all seriousness though, I love not having to touch Adam at night. Being married is nice and all, but sometimes I long for those single gal days when I could sleep spread-eagle and not give a crap about tossing and turning. Turns out, you can replicate those conditions as an old married woman if you upgrade to a king and invest in memory foam. Now that the bed itself has been upgraded, we plan to paint the room and decorate later in June (I might even showcase some of those nursing pictures yo!). I cannot wait to see how it turns out. Chances are, I will share some pictures on Instagram. Yet another reason you should be following us there. Just saying. 

5. Our Roof Broke
A few weeks ago, Adam and I woke up to find water on the floor in our living room. Turns out, our roof failed and our attic had been leaking for sometime. As a result, we had to get a whole new roof. The roof looks great. We still have to work on getting the ceiling inside the house fixed and getting the damage done to the attic repaired. For better or for worse, the roof replacement has inspired me to get started working again on #FlorkenFirstHome. We honestly got a little burned out on home projects and boycotted them for quite awhile. But now, I have the bug again so Holland will probably learn to love Home Depot pretty soon. 

That's all the updating I can think of right now. There are a lot of things I've love to discuss here from a wide array of topics if I can manage to find the time. I mean, I could talk about anything from Trump to cloth diapers! Things could get crazy in these necks of the woods. Stay tuned!

May 16, 2016

Holland's Nursery: Gender Neutral and Devine

Over the weekend, Holland turned 7 months. As I was rocking her to sleep for a nap, it hit me that for 7 months now I've been meaning to share her beautiful nursery... But I haven't. #bloggerfail
Since we didn't know whether our "Sprout" was going to be a boy or a girl we obviously kept things gender neutral. Even if we DID know though, I think I would have gone with something like this anyways. I loved the idea of a very calming space. The room is primarily tan, cream, and white. We did a LOT of work in this room, including adding in the wainscoting and building a closet-organization system (Thanks Dad!). All the work was worth it because we absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. Tell me what you think:
Prints via TheDailyWatercolor 
Tree Stump Base for Mobile via AmberThomasMakes
"H" Letter via PlaneAndSaw 
Prints via TheDailyWatercolor  
We also wanted the nursery to be practical. I splurged for a very plush rocking chair and I have never once regretted that decision. In fact, that rocker has quickly become my favorite part of Holland's room. We also wanted all of our cloth diapering needs to be very handy. You see that we repurposed (and repainted) planters to hang over her dresser (which used to be blue.. yes BLUE! I refinished it) to hold her cloth (and the disposables that she currently sleeps in at night). Beside the dresser, we have our dry pail for dirty cloth diapers (if you want to know more about our cloth diapering routine let me know and I'll share) and beside the crib we have our regular dirty clothes hamper. This AH-DORABLE animal hamper was the hostess gift at my shower and I love it so much. It too, was a total splurge, and I am so thankful it was gifted to us because it works so well in the space.

The Baby "Florken" banner was used as decoration at our baby shower and once I saw it, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our nursery. I found that hanging it over the dresser/changing station was the perfect touch. 

I personally think that the "stars" in this nursery are the beautiful watercolor prints from The Daily Watercolor, the giant, handmade, wooden "H" from PlaneAndSaw (which you see monthly if you follow us on Instagram) and the beautiful mobile I made using a wooden stump sign created by AmberThomasMakes and some straw animal figurines. These touches seem one of a kind and really sets our nursery apart from a lot of others I've seen. 

Holland's nursery has easily become my favorite room in the entire house. If you have any questions about where we found certain products, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll try to answer (if I remember). Our goal was a very relaxing and neutral space that would, hopefully, help our little love animals as much as we do. I think we did an excellent job and I love watching our little Holland grow up in this space. 

April 02, 2016

To Daycare We Will Go....

I never wanted to be a "mommy blogger" but here I am... probably my upteenth post related to Holland and/or parenting. #lifestylebloggerfail

On Monday, Holland -- or "Coo" -- as she is affectionally known in our home, starts daycare. For the past three months, we have been very, very lucky. Adam's grandparents temporarily moved to Little Rock for three months to watch her after I started back to work. But on Friday, they packed up their tiny apartment and headed back to Northwest Arkansas. And on Monday, Holland goes to daycare. 

I'll be honest -- I'm a nervous wreck. 
We visited her daycare on Friday afternoon. It was clean. Her teachers were nice. But there is still a 5:1 ratio and I know that Holland won't get the undivided attention of any adult in the room and part of that just kills me. Since the day she was born she has always had people's undivided attention. 

For three months, she had mine. I ate, slept, and breathed her in completely. She was my sole purpose for waking up (at all hours). Then, after I went (reluctantly) went back to work, she became the sole focus of her great-grandparents each day. From sun up to sun down, they doted on her and fulfilled her every need. 

Starting Monday -- Holland will join the rest of the world and quickly learn that the universe does not revolve around her. That isn't a lesson that I want her learning just yet. Still, I can already picture her sitting in a crib and crying while the teachers juggle diaper changes and bottle feedings of nine other kids. I know that they will try their very, very best. But my little girl -- who has always had every demand answered timely -- will have to learn that life will not always be so easy. 

I love that kid. I love that kid much more than I ever expected to. When I was pregnant and people would describe a mother's love I would internally say, "Oh yeah, yeah... blah, blah. Whatever." But she's here... and now, I'm so totally head over heels for her in a way I never expected. It's inexplicable. The mere thought of her sitting in a room full of other chubby cheeked kids seeking attention makes my eyes well up with tears. 

But, unless Adam and I win the lottery before Monday, to daycare she will go. So, I'm going to spend the weekend soaking up every tiny bit of her I can. I will hold her every moment she will allow without complaint. I will coddle and cuddle and assure her that she is the only baby in the world that matters. After all, to me... she is

Then on Monday, Holland will join the rest of us and learn that the world isn't always the kindest place. Sometimes, we have to wait for our turn. Sometimes, it makes us sad. And sometimes, it just sucks. But through it all, I hope she also learns that at the end of the day -- Mommy will always be there to sweep in and save the day. And by "saving the day" I totally mean showering her with an embarrassing amount of public hugs and kisses! 

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